A Leader

A Leader

Once upon a gentle era,
There was an African leader
Whom his opinion dwelled on
His his country's needs.

Trekking,trembling, roaming
For his poors' ordering;
As a leader, became the 
Slave! A leader gives order 
To his poors, contrarily, the
Poors give order to their leader!

Sat to teach his citizens
Despite the unpleasant smell
Of their vicinities!
Sitting, conversating all alike.

If there is a space for Angel's seat,I wil have made

Copyright 3,/9/2020
Babangida B.Shira

ARTICLE- by Abdulrahman Yunusa


First of all, I’m not trying to mock or castigate # Inksnation agents with my perception, but to be frank I don’t think an ordinary organization which is not related in anyway with govt and which is not a well established NGO to be dispatching 400 coins which is tantamount to # 4k each day without paying any huge considerable amount of money as registration fee.

Meanwhile, all in the 2000 you will pay for registration fee they will issue you a card to which you will be using while making a transaction!
To be sincere, I have an unwavering doubt on this issue, had it been its the Federal government that came up with such policy as a poverty alleviation program or Social Investment program I would have agreed with it, but it happens to be something different and peculiar to our thoughts .

Remember business strategy always matters when making a move to gather profit, be it on legal or illegal business, and nothing goes for nothing. A scammer can give out a millions of naira to few individuals and make it viral through platforms just to cajole people mind and join the devil train thereby to get more cash from other folks. However, I do believe some might benefit from the scheme but I’m in dungeon of fear that many can be victims through this program.
May our people not fall in to the trap of fraudsters, cox i see thousands of friends and relatives are massively engaging voluntarily.
How I wish it will be true,
I want my people prosper .

Copyright Audu
15 Sept, 20

Fortified Human Cocoon- by Prof Saadat Ali Khan

“Fortified Human Cocoon”

I’m in the fortified cocoon of fears,
Fear of my fellow human beings,
I am fearful of my species exploits,
‘Fearful of their demands for,
Submission without reason,
Obedience without question,
Love without passion,
Religion without God,
Work without reward,
Heart without heart,
Looks without vision,
Listening without music,
Poems without passion,
Dressing without season,
Smiles without feeling,
Is it natural my dear fellows?
Is this order that you seek?
Do you see a pearl without an oyster?
A flower without a glow,
Grass without dew,
A leaf without rustle,
A breeze without scent,
A snail without a stream,
A deer without Ghazal,
A peacock without color,
A bat without a night,
An owl without a hoot,
A cuckoo without a coo,
A Child without a smile,
A hen without a Pen,
A lion without a den…?
I’m fearful of my fellow beings…
Amongst whom I can’t survive,
Without an iron claw…

….. By Saadat Ali Khan Nohani…
Dedicated to honorable professor Hina Rafique Sahiba

WAILING THROAT – by Babangida B. Shira

Wailing Throat:

Teacher.  Taught. Trainer.

Death.  Drag. Darted out

Simple. Sample slider

Grave. Groan. Great glitter-in

Allah. All Action. Acting
Across . Actless.

Missing. Mentor . Maintain

Eating. Ending. Era-on

Paradise. Parlour. Parachuted

My utmost condolence and deepest pity to the family of decease.Rest in tremendous peace, my teacher

Babangida B. Shira

I salute to the Officers-by Babangida B.Shira

——I salute to the Officers——-

  Your duty,highly applause
  Being on duty, let noise
         To be shushed.
         How can i reject
         The citizens whom
  They're so keen to asylum
  Their County's boundary! 
           Feel at easy
           Officers,I envy
           Your masked 
To war my masked corona-
        To let her know 
        That -i'm at peak.

Babangida B. Shira

Untiltled-by Prof Saadat Ali Khan

I am Lala, the crop of garden
I am the destroyer of love of spring
Don’t recite the life of life
That I am like the world of evil.
The stars are my footsteps.
I am the prince of Qaza
You are on a special tongue
I am the cry of silence
The series of seeing the truth
I am the ride of these rides
I got my heart
I am the servant of God
The one who breaks the silence of night
I’m so restless
O you who listen to the call
I am a shout, I am a shout.

Copyright Reserved
Saadat Ali Khan Nohani….

SPECTRE-by Zainab Almustapha


Hanging on the
Brightless branch of scary sky
An old owl hoots
Like crazy cloud
Whilst wind waves wounds
With thunder fire
Windows and doors
Widely open like fallen gate
Of ancient Rome
The wind roars like a wounded
Lion calling out for refuge
An echo
Of volcanic voice jingles
The bells in our bellies
Rustles the leaves of bulging eyes
Down the stairs
The guitar strings of an
Autumn play
Whilst leaves are falling
What could it be?
All becoming dark and shadowy
Doomed and gloomed with griefs.
©®Zainab Almustapha

Young_poetess .

Who I am before We met- by Bababngida B. Shira

Who I was before We met?

Stylistic waving of your slimness

Slice my dating into your world

Set my crazy-soul into the madness

I was incompleted soul without you

I notified that many years i spent

Is just a life rehearsal, to show you

Who i was before we met?

I was in the stage to faff my life

Solo , mono desperate mate

You’re my paradise with whom

I with live in world and hereafter

Take me in your arms to dim

Burning fire.



HAIKU- by Associate Prefessor, Jay Basu

A chance meet with him
Asked how he is years from then
Slop! Tear dropped on sand
(C) Jay Basu 8 September 2020

Haiku is a poetry form of Japanese writting style which structures based on three written lines- that enveloping

Five syllables in the first verse, seven syllables in the second verse and also, five syllables in the third verse that is entirely the poem engulfs 17 syllables.

Jay Basu’s poem contains male-rhythm where as the whole words are mono-syllabic words that are receiving emphatic stress at the first of the word viz:



Sand etc

Additional information by Babangida B. Shira



P- People parachute in Paradise of
Pulling out the Anemicality of human
Pummeled the goodness of society.

O- Orgaism of Poetic emotion drives
Me crazy, to relief my manhood
On scripts and petals,and stones
On my skin and on my dreamy skies.

E- Eagerness of hands to compose
What mouths unabled to announce.
Eve and Adam gratitude I compose
To.For being naive human and poet.

T- Touring to her royal-garden,
Tilling in her secret lucidity,
Tailoring her yard into giant ;
Tantamount of Poetic regalia.

R- Revivifying the pessimistic brains,
Reversing the stylistic inks of poets,
Relieving the Poetic hearts from anxious-
Resolving the chaotic world of thuggees.

Y- Yearning the discouraged person,bravely
Yawning hungrliless to stuff poet belly
Yes in Toto. No in none. The poets ,keenly,
Poetry they write- despite being an Artists!

Copyright 3/9/2020
Babangida B.Shira

My Teachers- Babangida B. Shira

My Teachers

Are child-Mothers only the   
       Mothers On earth?
Are child-fathers only the 
       Fathers   On earth?

Who're those Instill unity in 
Who're those whose smile in

Whose stomachs thundering
          For verifications? 
Whose zillion-houses-ires  enrolling to them in stress?

 Your vicinities as if a therapies
 Your transmitting of behaviours

  Breats that never feed, but
      Fed for knowledge sake..
  Hands that never wash shit, 
      Did for its sake

 My Teachers,all be with all
         By God's blessings.
 My Teachers, all needs fill
         By God's blessings.

Babangida B. Shira

What an Earth Lacks- a poem by Babangida B. Shira

What an Earth Lacks?

What an earth lacks?
Dehumanisation harvest humans’
hearts.Croach and cut all humans’

What an earth lacks?
When the business magnates
become so greedy in their ways
of spurring their business incomes.

What an earth lacks?
When each of politician, corrupts!
When they are so keen to win,besides
the poors’ endorsement and wills.

What an earth lacks?
When the mankind are crushing on world’s
affairs and techology,but they lacks-
parental backgrounds.

What an earth lacks?
humanity decreasing,
brutality increasing,
Starvation pummels-
the innocents bellies.

Babangida B.Shira

Article: YOUR WORK AS A POET IS BEYOND PENNING LINES- by Falsafi Abdinoor Deyrow


Within the literary sphere, there has oft’ been this argument of what the actual role of the poet ought to be in society. On the one side of this argument are those who believe that the poet does not owe society any allegiance and should be contented with just documenting his thoughts (commitment to art) while on the other side are those who believe that a poet’s loyalty is to his people and the society he belongs.

Poets who find themselves in the latter group are of two sub-categories; the first group are those who are content with just pointing out the ills in the society, using their art to incite social revolution, being the voice of the oppressed and downtrodden, and act as the vanguard of society; pointing out the path that society should go even though they do not engage the society physically.

However, poets who find themselves in the second subgroup do all that those in the first subgroup do, but they are not content with just documenting the ills in the society alone; they go on to engage the society physically.
This second group of poets see themselves as active participants and leaders of change in society; some, like Christopher Okigbo, had dumped the pen to pick the gun, some, like Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Jack Mapanje, had been incarcerated for daring to write against their governments, and others, like Wole Soyinka, have led numerous protests against societal injustice.

Maxamed Ibraahin Warsame; popularly known as Hadraawi; is perhaps one of the greatest living Somali poet, playwright, and philosopher. His poetry is composed in a sublime form of the Somali language employing vivid images and sound devices (such as alliteration)—indeed, many Somalis can recite his poetry offhand and most of his poems have musical renditions already. His poems bother on issues related to war and peace, love, societal mores and values, maladministration in governance, justice, patriotism, and many more.

Hadraawi did not just write, he was actively involved in the changes that took place in his society in his younger days. For daring to criticize the despotic government of Siad Barre in a play he composed, he was subjected to internment where he rejected inking an apology as the only condition for his release.

Upon release, he fled to Ethiopia where he joined the Somali National Movement (SNM) and continued unleashing revolutionary poems. He would later refuse to seek asylum in the United Kingdom, and return to his homeland to singlehandedly lead a march (known as the “Hadraawi Peace March”) appealing for peace and an end to all animosities.

Evidently, Hadraawi sees poetry not just as art, but also as a tool to be employed in changing the society for he did not only talk the talk—he also walked the walk. Herein lies his commitment as a poet to his people and society.

I would like to conclude some Supernatural Lines of His Poetry
“Degelyahow bar-kuma-taal
Bulsho waxay ku leedahay
Bisiq iyo xangeeyiyo
Banji iyo dharkayn iyo
Bilcilkaaga hawliyo
Dhirta boocda mooyee
Tolow baad la daaqiyo
Miyaan cawsna kaa bixin?
Degelyahow bar-kuma-taal
Bulsho waxay ku leedahay
Beertaadu hoog iyo
Bacad iyo habaas iyo
Bacow iyo qaniin iyo
Badso iyo shirqool iyo
Burso iyo khiyaaniyo
Beeraadka samihiyo
U buseelka godobtiyo
Boqon-goynta nabaddiyo
Booraanta jarankiyo
Boholaha asaydiyo
Cabsi iyo ma been baa?

My people: there is such a thing as society!
To the one who says you have no choice,
reply, ‘You have no clue!’
Don’t listen to his braying,
don’t give him the time of day!
The one who promised you much
and ducked the responsibility you gave him,
turned aside from your goals,
robbed you when you were poor,
belittled your beggarliness;
while you lacked even the basics,
this one, craving all comforts,
sported the thick skin of the lion,
wore hubris like a mane,
jumped up into the sky
boasting about his superiority –
he can’t stay up the mountain forever
nor can he delay his death-day:
his fall will break both shinbone and thigh.

~Falsafi Abdinoor Deyrow

Article- by Babangida B. Shira

Who is to blame?

Clearly,there most be a strong interruption in this bemusing life-that, we are living in. Today, societies live as if- a strong lion in its sanctuary: whereas every poors and richs are very keen to function as a leader of the world.Moreover,an era that any person don’t accepted his/her fault: there most be a great battle on the earth.

Additionally,devastation of behaviour and lose of rest from todays-mankind: reflects anyone to looks defyingly to one another. Poors backbite and spill slurs to their leaders, Leaders try their possible best to betray their fellowers, and on the same way: they need poor masses to be so compliant and ardent to their instruction.While the poors refuse to be as what they need.They were tighting their hands and pockets against poors.And become abstacles to their success or development.

Verily, there are unseen flummoxness that are living in societies.But amazing! It doesn’t their matters.Living in struggle which trigger a number of problems in their day to day activities unfortunately they had familiarised with. And also They become gullible avatars to their selves- egos; which is impulsively seem to be so ass to their sordid decision. Are they, living between their hands and mouths? All geniune points turn into -how to enjoy a quick-dinner and spill slurs and racial over the country’s chief-speakers, over the so-called political seats holders.

By my dull-experience, a countries with such nadiral features will have never developed, sorry to say.A brains that always speak on-how to purchase this and that for its family to be satisfied.To quench todays hunger and get ready for the next, will these brains think positively to the country develooment! Poors cry for food: no matter how ordour it is, and also ranked Figures still thinking about how to promote their daily eats. So that they will become so competible of taking photographies or selfies on the feast-time or party-time, they have attended.Both the country classes thinking of how to eat, how to build their bodies and so to be very corpulents.They major concern are: how to find eatable things and opulent cars that his/her mates never eat/drive before or even oblivion with? And to live in fashionable way that makes poors to speak on what the senator, Reps and even president worn ;how opulent its.Trust me brothers and sisters, some leaders are so eager to be lighted on Tv chennel, newspaper and on any media just for their supporters to watch and creat argurment- that may even cause choas in community.

What sadness! How sordidness and nadirality that the country will persistently be?
Many years of being got independent, but unfortunately nothing changed as a positive remification to a country. These sort of mendacities passing from one generation to another, really burn my heart. When peoples are in heinous situation-Then the start wandering around and around vindicating for a way out.While they are the triggers to their torments that keeps worring them.

Let talk about the most tormental problem of the land which becomes trend to us.Corruption seem to be heritage to all country’s members- big and small, teen and old, man and woman,Government office holders and idle-siters, in higher and lower levels of ranks: even in the trejactory of the most anemic stage of civil servents, teaching.Teaching is the weaken job career that people defined it as. But also They are highly stained and corrupted.Arm forces corrupted, even Sheikhs and Bishops too are swimmed in an ocean of corruption.No any of this country orifices which is not corrupted.Advisely, when ever there are features of what i have mentioned above,really it is greater jammed-point to the land’s social amenities, and cause inevitable compromises to the country.

Finally, there most be questions that need your answer and mine viz: What causes this growing of higher rate of unemployment in the country?what makes youth to be terrors in the country? What happens to the citizens to be so fond of money at the time of election? Since the Government have not any frontiers to her citizens’ live improvement than to eat and eat, giving huge numbers of money to cheat their fellowers within wee period of time, so why not to think deeply and rescue ourselves.Unlitmited of birthing by the poor masses which is now population become uncontrolable to the extent that makes youth to be a member of one terroristic group or else way.This, can i say, it is the most fearful problem to the Nation.Despite having much number of graduated students, the Government also can not secure them a job.Being spending plethora of years registering in the Universities,colleges and other diplomas, shamefully, they(students) remind joblees persons! athough the funds that students paid: it is a benefits of Nation- government; but it has no way to cope with its population in the country, then who is to blame? Besides all, there are also the recurrence cases of stervation, poverty,unavoidable raping, terrorism, kidnapping etc in country. Factually, these are the greatest hindrances, obstacles and cancers to the country development.

August, 24.2020

NIGHT -A poem by Babangida.B.Shira/Poetry Journals

A night’s kingdom, I eavesdrop
A giant -knight tremble around;
A crickets’ noise sweet and calm –
Silence speaks to silence serenely……

Dr night shakes Mr darkness,
Glueing shivered babies in cuddle beds
Suitable for a pious to express his-
Invocation in serenity and full-hope .

Scaring :
Evocation of heart -bad children,
To play around slept streets
Ardent compliances of their flamed heart .
Spouse, reluctantly shroud in sleepy-blanket….

Dim. Shush.shouldering thieves’
Schematic Map.

A chance for a piety
Evocate hollering researchers-
To dig In experienced books and,
Pray .So that to win daily challenges.
Then the pregnant-books will be found
On earth.

Eye’s seeing… …
Scintillated kingdom of writers :
Kingdom that gushes idea –
Like a laboured woman peeps Sky:
Stink and harsh on process.
Free of Human rumpus, blocks brains,
To function appropriately.
It ‘s time to speak with God and knowledge.

Copyright reserved
Babangida B.shira

Sad Is His Lot-Indian Poet,Sathian Is/Poetry Journals



Sad is his lot who can’t hear
The song of river flows near
Sad is he never seen flowers
Dancing in beautiful colours.

Sad he is not sensing nature
Its hidden source of treasure
The brightness of sun in east
The beauty of sunset in west.

Sad is his lot who can’t dream
Lovely sight of golden stream
Moonlit night with stars glitter
Vast blue sea with fish twitter.

Copyright@ SATHIAN KS.

Corn-Rahim Karim Karimov

Poetry Journals



How many golden teeth you have
She grew a beard like a man
Dressed so warm in this hot summertime
How many green robes on you.

How tall
Why do you have so many teeth on your body?
Like the scales of a fish floating in water
You hide under your summer robe.

I shoot them one by one,
The first, second, third, fourth, fifth …
Finally, a flabby corn was laid bare,
How many healthy teeth you have: and in every clove there is milk.

Copyright reserved
Rahim Karim Karimov

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